Home Builders

You are a home builder, a craftsmen, and imaginer of spaces not yet created.
Your job is really hard right now, because conditions have you strained beyond comprehension. You are getting beaten up right and left and no one seems to get the fact that you have a living to make too.

The market is tough right now. Some of you haven’t experienced anything of this magnitude. And to top it off, 3.4 million homes are sitting on the market. They compete with you on price on location on everything imaginable.

So what will set you above the rest?

Generally speaking, there are different types of home builders in the world.

Those who want to simply build a house and turn a profit. To them, it is that simple. They have the same subs, the same plans, the same everything. They have built the same house five or ten times in the past and has brought them a measure of success in the past. This sounds reasonable, right?

How well is that working in this economy?

Next, you have the a builder who wants to be able to build the same house over and over, but realizes the difficulty of marketing to buyers who have more options than ever. He sees the value in producing the better product, but is leery of taking a risk. He upgrades here and there while replicating the same product across town.

Finally, you have the builders that build the homes they would live in themselves. Others perceived it as “overkill” and in the past, when anyone could build a house and it would sell, that might be true.

However, in a competitive market, with extremely educated buyers, a unique and thoughtfully prepared home will make all the difference in the world.

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